About Us

Hello and Welcome!
It's Elizabeth and Dominic here, and together with our son we are 'TheCocoHut'.

We are Natural Health and Wellness advocates. We support and help individuals, families and people working in the Health & Wellness industry to implement and promote Healthy Living.

We share healthy, clean eating recipes and educational information about natural, healthy, safe and effective products which support, promote and maintain optimal health and wellness.

We help individuals and businesses in the health and wellness industry by providing them with natural products and resources which they can implement into their business to achieve business goals and help clients achieve health goals.

We live a natural, healthy, balanced, positive, non-toxic, chemical free lifestyle which incorporates real food and natural living. We love mother nature and spend a lot of time outdoors and we love to travel. We are easy going, have positive vibes and love connecting with people who are on our same wave length.

Why are we called TheCocoHut? Coconuts are a huge part of our diet and lifestyle and they have had a profound impact on our health. Back in 2010 Elizabeth was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Crohn's Disease is an inflammatory bowel disease. After being told by many Medical Doctors (General Practitioners and Gastroenterologist's) that there is no cure for Crohn's Disease, Elizabeth made it her mission to educate herself about Crohn's Disease, using food as medicine and alternative treatment. After a lot of research, willpower, persistence, using food as medicine, swaping to nontoxic products and adopting a Healthier lifestyle, Elizabeth CURED her Crohn's Disease.

In 2015 Elizabeth started studying a Bachelor of Health Science Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine Degree. She had the passion to learn more about food, health and wellness in general and educate herself about the science behind how she healed herself and how the human body actually works.

2016 Elizabeth was pregnant with our first child. Due to her history of Crohn's Disease Doctors recommended that she have extra scans and blood tests to keep a closer eye on her and the baby. Results from all tests = Both are PERFECTLY HEALTHY human beings. (STILL NO Crohn's Disease! Tests proved there was no sign of an autoimmune disease).

2017 - Current Day: We live and breathe Health and Wellness. We are passionate about helping individuals and families adopt a natural and healthy lifestyle and provide a step by step plan on how to get results. We are passionate about helping people working in the Health & Wellness Industry to promote healthy living and provide them with the support needed to achieve their business goals and as a result help their clients achieve the quality of life they envision.

Want to connect with us? Reach out, we would love to hear from you and work with you to achieve your health and business goals (Click on the Work with us Tab).

We (TheCocoHut) are Independent Distributors of Young Living Essential Oils. TheCocoHut Young Living ID Member Number is 11304113. When you purchase Young Living Products with our recommendation it will ask you 'Who introduced you to Young Living?" .Type our Number 11304113 in the Sponsor and Enroller fields to be connected with us. You will gain access to our Private FB Group where we share exclusive Videos, Recipes, Health & Wellness Information and help you on your Health journey. We look forward to assisting you :)

Elizabeth is also a QHHT® Practitioner and assists people with their physical, emotional and spiritual health via a method of hypnotherapy called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. For more information check out the tab called 'QHHT Session with Elizabeth'.

To Great Health!
- Elizabeth & Dominic -