How Coconut Oil & Coconut Water have helped my Crohn's Disease

Posted on 19 July 2012

My first encounter with Coconut products was Coconut Water. A naturopath recommended it to me as they said it was good for me to drink for my Crohn's Disease (they didn't explain why), but I took it on board and straight away I began researching into the health benefits of coconut water and coconuts. I came across the following Coconut Books by Bruce Fife. I read them over and over again, highlighting pages of info - I couldn't put the books down! And this is when my Coconut Obsession began! =)

-The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife
-Coconut Water for health and healing by Bruce Fife
-Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife

These books are truly worth investing in. You will learn so many amazing facts and different ways to use coconut products to help you and your families health. There are also amazing real life stories included in all of the books to describe how coconuts have helped different health problems.

Here's an extract from Bruce Fife's book, The Coconut Oil Miracle: "Researchers have demonstrated the benefits of coconut oil for patients with digestive problems, including Crohn's disease, at least since the 1980s. The anti-inflammatory and healing effects of coconut oil apparently play a role in soothing and healing the inflammation and injury in the digestive tract that are characteristic of Crohn's disease. Its antimicrobial properties also affect intestinal health by killing troublesome microorganisms that may cause chronic inflammation"

Below is an outline of how Coconut Oil and Coconut Water have helped my Crohn's Disease (I also briefly explain how I use them – for a more detailed explanation of how to use coconut oil and it's benefits check out our 'Coconut Oil' Information pages on our site):

Coconut Oil: Virgin Coconut Oil has helped change my quality of life! I LOVE IT!!! I consume Virgin Coconut Oil every day. I start in the morning by eating about a Tablespoon (straight off the spoon). If I am home during the day I eat another spoonful. I cook all my meals using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and I also use it as a whole body moisturiser. Sometimes I even use the oil as a spread on toast in place of butter. (Find out why I do all of these things by reading our Coconut Info pages on our site).

Consuming coconut oil everyday soothes my stomach, gives me loads of energy and has brought back colour to my skin and hair. Dr Natasha Campbell McBride writes in her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, "the majority of GAPS patients look pale and pasty and have anaemia". Yep, that was me! But not anymore. I'm back to my old self again! =) Coconut Oil is easy to digest and improves vitamin and mineral absorption. It does not raise bad cholesterol and the saturated fat from coconut oil is actually GOOD for you!

Note: When I first started to consume virgin coconut oil I only had a small teaspoon a day and I gradually built up to the amounts specified above. I figured like anything new, it's good to start slow so your body adjusts to it.

Also it is VERY IMPORTANT to point out that I'm not just using any type of Coconut Oil. I'm using unrefined virgin Coconut Oil - a very good quality Virgin Coconut Oil. I think I will need to do a whole separate blog just on the topic -'Quality of Coconut Oil Matters'....ok stay tuned for that one! =)

....Anywho.....getting back on track!....

In my personal experience coconut oil has helped me with the following (there are Crohn's related points and points in general):

It makes my stomach feel Soooooooooooo unbelievably AMAZING! –HEALTHY, HEALED and SOOTHED! (This is due to the anti-inflammatory and healing effects as stated above). I believe that it has helped heal all of my ulcers in my intestines, and I know for a fact that my body can easily digest it =)

It has helped the inflammation in my eyes – apparently only a small percentage of Crohn's patients get this, yep...... lucky me... I was in this percentile =). My eyes were so bad at times that I had to call in sick to work because I couldn't see clearly enough to be able to drive! (Yes, I had to go to the Dr and he wrote a prescription to get steroid drops to help the inflammation). BUT soon after I discovered virgin coconut oil my eyes became inflamed again so I increased my consumption of coconut oil and put some on my face like I would a moisturiser and the inflammation went away (without having to use steroid drops and cream!) and my eyes have been very healthy and have not become inflamed since. Woohoo!

Virgin Coconut Oil helped get rid of a whole body Candida infection - This was one amazing story! (Most people with gut related problems are unfortunately plagued with an overgrowth of Candida). The day I said goodbye to that miserable Fungus was one of the happiest days of my life! (Note: Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties. However, it wasn't Coconut Oil alone that got rid the Candida. My diet also played a crucial role – GAPS Diet).

Coconut Oil has strengthened my immune system. Before Coconut oil I commonly got sick (e.g. flu, sore throat virus), I had allergies (hay fever) and I also got sinus at least a few times a year. Since I've been taking Coconut oil I have not had any allergies or sinus and I've only been sick with flu symptoms ONCE! Coincidence??? I don?t think so! (Coconut Oil has natural antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties).

Coconut Oil has helped my body temperature become normal. I used to be a cold person who had freakishly cold hands and feet – they felt like they were always frozen!). But now guess what? My husband is snuggling up to me now to get warm! lol =P

When I changed my diet and started detoxing I noticed a toxic build up of cellulite in my thighs! I couldn't believe it!!! I thought I wouldn't get cellulite until I was at least 40! I rubbed coconut oil on my thighs everyday and the went away again! Thank goodness! =)

When I was very sick my nails were very soft and weak and chipped and peeled all the time (the peeling was definitely a weird experience), but thanks to coconut oil my nails are now back to being strong and healthy!

Lastly, Coconut Oil has also helped reduce stretchmarks that I've had on my thighs since my growth spurt when I was young. This was definitely a pleasant surprise! – I just started noticing this fact after I was using it as a whole body moisturiser. HELLO! - Win Win! =)

Coconut Water: Coconut Water has also helped change my quality of life! I LOVE IT! I drink Coconut Water every day! I usually drink 1 in the late morning or with my lunch and then sometimes I will even drink another one in the afternoon. I feel so re-hydrated and happy when I drink it! It's so delicious and refreshing!

The reason Coconut Water is so good for me (and everyone else) is because it is a super food filled with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and growth hormones. Some of the many beneficial minerals that coconut water contains (which your body also needs) include sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sulphur.

If you read my first blog I was definitely lacking in the mineral and vitamin department due to my constant diarrhoea and malabsorption issues. I actually ended up in a private clinic on an IV drip once because I was so dehydrated and weak. I honestly believe that if I had of known about Coconut Water at that point in time I would not have needed the drip.

Since drinking coconut water and eating coconut oil every day I haven't had a urinary tract infection or yeast infection. (My first experience with UTIs and Yeast infections was 6 months before I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. It was a constant vicious cycle because I had to take antibiotics for the UTI then I got a Yeast infection because of the antibiotics and the cycle continued for 6 months! Coconut Water cleans out the urinary tract and helps flush out any bad bacteria. The Coconut Water keeps me hydrated and it provides my body with nutrition that it needs.

I will continue to consume Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Water for the rest of my life!

To learn more about Coconuts, Coconut Oil and Coconut Water please be sure to check out our information pages on our site. Also, keep following me on my blog and if you feel that my story or any of the info I've shared has helped you or someone you know please support me and LIKE TheCocoHuts Facebook Page: You will be able to follow me on my journey and learn about lots of amazing Coconut Facts! Feel free to say hello and send us any interesting links or pics =)

To Great Health!


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Comments (5)

Candy Cruse·24 July 2014 - 06:46amWhile up at our cabin I started developing a canker sore inside of my lower lip. The only thing I had was VCO so I placed a tablespoon's worth in my mouth and did the pulling and keeping in my mouth for 15 minutes. Pain, redness disappeared and problem solved.

Elizabeth·05 December 2012 - 11:57amGreat to hear Roger! Keep at it =)

Elizabeth·05 December 2012 - 11:56amHi Jackie,
In my personal experience I have never gained weight from consuming coconut oil at all. I would probably recommend that you assess the other foods and drinks that you are consuming. Coconut Oil actually speeds up your metabolism and would help you lose weight. It also wouldn't make you have cellulite. Try to cut out processed foods and foods with additives and preservatives aswell as cutting out sodas/softdrinks. Drink lots of filtered or spring water or coconut water to help flush out toxins in your body. I hope you stick with it. Good Luck!

Roger·05 December 2012 - 11:32amI have been using coconut oil for months now, both in cooking and drizzling over salads. Thanks for the info!

Jackie·03 December 2012 - 11:57amI have been taking cocnut oil for a week now. 3 tablespoons a day. I seriously gained 10 pounds, my clothes don't fit and my thighs look awful (cellulite!!) You mentioned something about that in this post and was wondering if it was something that happened right away? Did you gain weight at the beginning? I am so frustated and feel huge and nasty! I don't know if things will go back to normal after my body gets used to it or if I should just stop.

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