What is a Chemical Free Lifestyle?

Posted on 07 December 2018

My family and I live a Chemical Free Lifestyle. This means avoiding as many toxic chemicals as we possibly can and choosing to only use natural products, as we have experienced firsthand how this can help achieve optimal health and wellness.

I first learned about what toxic chemicals are from Dr Natasha Campbell Mc-Bride when I read her book 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' when I was healing from Crohn's Disease. Dr Natasha explains the importance of keeping the house as chemical free as possible and how important it is for people to reduce their general toxic load. General toxic load is anything toxic we eat, breathe, touch, or put on our skin.

Dr Natasha explains that major contributors to the general toxic overload in the body are from cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes and other personal care products and domestic cleaning chemicals and she also says the personal care products industry is generally not regulated.

I don't know about you, but before learning this I never gave a second thought about the safety of the products available at the supermarket and shops. One would presume that if something is available to buy at your local supermarket that it would be "safe" to use right? Plus, you wouldn't expect any health related problems to coincide with using it. THIS IS UNFORTUNATELY NOT THE CASE! And it's up to you to look into what you are using and if it's safe for you and your families' health.

I was so shocked to read that more than a thousand carcinogenic and toxic chemicals are widely used in the formulation of shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics, perfumes, creams etc. Washing powders and liquids stay in the fabric of our clothes, bedding and towels and also contribute to the toxic overload. The chemicals in the mainstream laundry washing powders, body lotions and gels, perfumes and colognes could very well be a major contributing factor to people with skin irritations.

On top of this most spray air fresheners, reed diffusers, scented candles and plug in air fresheners are filling people's home's with loads of toxic chemicals, which are constantly being inhaled and causing harm to the respiratory system AND are known endocrine disrupters.

In my research toxic chemicals can cause cancer, tumors, cell mutation, nerve damage, disrupt hormone production, cause immune problems, contribute to asthma, contribute to learning disorders, developmental impairment and allergies just to name a few!

Below is a List of the main chemicals we avoid. Anytime you inhale or apply these chemicals to your skin they are immediately absorbed and effect your body's organs and your overall health:
Talc or talcum powder - Mostly found in baby and beauty products. A large lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson revealed talc powder as the cause of ovarian cancer. Do not use it, particularly on babies
Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate (SLS) - a highly toxic detergent that is present in most shampoos, soaps, skin products and toothpaste. This chemical is used to de-grease car engines. It damages the kidneys/liver, teeth, endocrine system, causes hair loss, cataracts, ulcers, major toxicity, headaches, nausea, coughing and congestion.
Fluoride - a terrible poison for every system in the body. Widespread in toothpaste and other dental care products, it is also added to some water supplies and given to babies as drops. If you are not familiar with its toxicity I would strongly advise you to learn more about it and avoid it like the plague.
Titanium dioxide - carcinogenic.
Triethanolamine (TEA) and Diethanolamine (DEA) form carcinogenic nitrosamines.
Lanolin, itself is a non-toxic natural substance, is often contaminated with DDT and other carcinogenic pesticides.
Dioxanes are inhaled and absorbed through the skin - highly carcinogenic.
Saccharin - carginogenic.
Formaldehyde - a toxic and carcinogenic substance associated with brain damage, cancer, allergies and immune disorders. It can be found in fast food – you will be disgusted when you google this!
Propylene glycol - carcinogenic. Found in many household products such as deodorant, shampoos, baby products, and lotions. It has been shown to cause kidney and liver cancer, dermatitis, respiratory and neurological issues.
Lead, aluminium and other toxic metals are present in many personal care products, particularly in deodorants and make-up. Aluminium has been shown to cause extensive nerve damage and coat neurons. There is a strong link between Parkinsons and Alzheimers disease and aluminium exposure, which also heightens breast cancer risk and other issues. Triclosan -This chemical is found in most antibacterial products such as hand soap, hand sanitizer and toothpaste. This has been shown to cause DNA mutation, which can lead to cancer. It also affects hormone production and leads to birth defects. It is used heavily in schools and medical facilities.
Phthalates - disrupt hormones, mimics estrogen. Found in plastics and personal care products.
Parabens - These are usually disguised in ingredient labels. They mimic female estrogen; found in breast tumors, and found in many cosmetics and personal care items.

So when I learned all of this toxic chemical stuff I decided to reduce my general toxic load STAT! I ditched all the toxic products I had and threw them in the bin and I wanted to switch to non-toxic, chemical free natural products which were going to be safe and healthy for me ASAP. At the time it was quite difficult for me as I had no idea where to start.

Here are 5 tips I want to give you to help you out:

Tip 1. Look through your cleaning, personal care and laundry cupboards and check out the products you have and check if any of the above chemicals are listed in the ingredients. If they are you know to ditch it.

Tip 2. When you look through your products google "Dangers of (ingredient listed in the ingredients)" and you will soon see if it's toxic.

Tip 3. You can go to a website called environmental working group and type in your products to see what the toxicity score is. (Of course it's not going to have every product and brand listed there, but you will get an idea)

Tip 4. There is a FREE APP called Think Dirty which you can also get toxicity scores of your products. (

Tip 5. You can skip all the hard work and ditch your current products and switch over to the natural chemical free products my family and I use.

After my past health struggles I am extremely picky with what I do use and so what I recommend is a big deal. My family and I have a wholesale account with a company called Young Living. We use all of their personal care, oral care, hair care, cleaning, kids care, diffusers, essential oils, massage oils, supplements, make-up, laundry liquid, soap and hand sanitizer. Here's a photo of some products we use:

We have peace of mind that the ingredients in all of the Young Living products are chemical free and natural and the quality of the ingredients are out of this world! – they even have scientists as employees who do vigorous testing to ensure the quality of the products meet a certain standard. You can either try products by purchasing them at Retail price or if you want to save you can get a wholesale membership like us.

To get a wholesale membership you simply purchase any of the 'starter kits' they have available and this will automatically give you a wholesale membership and you will have access to the entire Health and Wellness range at the discounted wholesale prices.

If you decide to purchase Young Living products there will be a question asking you "Who introduced you to Young Living?". If that was me, please use TheCocoHut Membership number 11304113. When you do this you can have access to our private FB group where I share my private videos, recipes, DIY recipes, tips, health info as well as have direct communication with myself. I'd love to help you to live a chemical free lifestyle too! Young Living has offices worldwide.

Click here to go to Young Living's website and purchase Natural and Chemical Free products.

If you do not live in Australia like I do you can still access and order their natural products. Simply change the flag at the top of the screen to your country to suit where you live and you will be able to place your order.

If you end up loving the Young Living products as much as we do you might want to consider joining the Essential Rewards (ER) program like us. We've saved a lot of money on our natural products by joining ER. When we order we receive points which we can then use to claim free products plus other perks. You can read more about the Essential Rewards program here. Feel free to contact me via email if you need help or have questions.

To Great Health!

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