What is the Young Living Essential Rewards Loyalty Program?

Posted on 29 November 2018

When I decided to switch over to Natural, Chemical Free Products it took me a little while to figure out the most cost-effective and efficient way of sustaining this lifestyle for my family. When I came across the Young Living Essential Rewards Loyalty program I couldn't be happier, and it is easy, convenient and best of all it is saving us a lot of money! We were previously buying our natural supplements from one store, our natural shampoo from another, natural toothpaste and personal care from another and so on and so forth. I'm sure you get the idea. So it was a no brainer how much money I was able to save our family when I purchased all of our natural chemical free products through the one company (Young Living) and earn points and free products along the way!

What did I do? I already had a Young Living Wholesale Membership and so I joined Young Living's Essential Rewards Loyalty Program (ER) through my online account. Being on ER means ordering some Young Living products each month and it rewards you with FREE products and other perks. Essential rewards is Young Living's way of offering extra rewards to loyal members.

I've absolutely loved being on Essential Rewards (ER) as I've saved so much money by claiming free product with my points and I've received numerous FREE gifts by qualifying for the monthly PV promotions. It's been an amazing way to try various Young Living products for free. It almost sounds too good to be true right? But I assure you there is no catch. I've tried to explain as much as I can below. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or send me an email.

Here's the Advantages of joining Essential Rewards:

  • Discounted Shipping
  • Earn reward points which you use to claim FREE product! (And it doesn't take forever to actually claim free product like a lot of other companies).
  • Automatically receive FREE loyalty gifts if your order reaches a certain value (See Example of November Promotion below)
  • Automatically receive FREE loyalty gifts if your order reaches a certain value consecutively over a certain amount of months (this is explained below).
  • Have access to exclusive Essential Rewards Bundles where you will SAVE an extra 16% on top of the 24% discount wholesale members receive.
  • Exclusive ER Bundles include:

Animal Care Essential Rewards Bundle

Beauty Essential Rewards Bundle

Culinary Oils Essential Rewards Bundle

Emotional Wellness Essential Rewards Bundle

Everyday Nutrition Essential Rewards Bundle

Healthy & Fit Essential Rewards Bundle

Healthy Body Essential Rewards Bundle

Healthy Home Essential Rewards Bundle

Healthy Kids Essential Rewards Bundle

My Go To Essential Rewards Bundle

NingXia Red Essential Rewards Bundle

Women's Wellness Essential Rewards Bundle

My husband, myself and our toddler all drink NingXia red, so we are big fans of buying the NingXia Red Essential Rewards Bundle as we drink a shot of NingXia Red every day and this is the cheapest way to purchase it.

This sounds great! What do I need to do?

Here is a quick summary of some common Questions and Answers that I thought most people would ask:

Is there a minimum amount I need to spend each month? Yes. Your monthly order must be at least 50PV (Each product has a dollar value and a PV or points value). This is equivalent to approximately $75-$95 AUD.

It is easy to reach 50PV when you decide to stop buying products with chemicals from the mainstream shops and switch to buying chemical free as you can choose ANY products from the Young Living Range. This includes Natural, Chemical Free Kidscents Kids Range, Seedlings Baby Range, Beauty Care, Make up, Facial and skin care, Bath and Body Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, Mens Care including aftershave lotion, beard oil and shave cream, Supplements, Nutritionals, Essential Oils, Diffusers, Roll ons, Massage Oils, Sports Oils and Sport Gel, Thieves Range which includes Laundry Liquid, Cleaning, Foaming Hand soaps, Bar soaps, NingXia Red, Slique tea, Slique Health Bars, Slique Kit.

I've provided some examples of products in the photos below, however if you prefer to see the entire product catalogue, prices and PV please email me at

How many points do I earn from my Essential Rewards order? This is by far the most generous points system I have ever been involved in. You will receive points based on a percentage of your PV for each Essential Rewards order. The percentage you receive depends on how many months you have consecutively placed Essential Rewards orders.

For the 1st – 3rd months you will get back 10% of your PV Essential Rewards order in points.

4- 24 Months you will get back 20% of your PV Essential Rewards order in points.

25+ Months you will get back 25% of your PV Essential Rewards order in points.

What does this mean? For example, if you Purchase a Healthy Home Premium Starter Kit it is worth 100PV and so if you join Essential Rewards when you place your order you will receive 10% of 100PV back as points (which is 10PV points). With 10PV you already have enough to claim a free tube of Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste worth $14.75. It doesn't take a long time to rack up your points and get plenty of FREEBIES! As another example: If you are still on ER on month 4 and you place an order of Thieves Household cleaner and Thieves Laundry soap it will be a total of 52PV points. So you will get 20% back of your PV order which is 10.4PV. See how awesome this is! Soooo much better than my fly buys points which has taken me years and years to get anything back!

As a Bonus if you place consecutive Essential Rewards (ER) orders of 100 PV or more, you will receive exclusive loyalty gifts. You'll qualify for these gifts when you place consecutive Essential Rewards orders for 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 and 36 months. After 36 months, you'll receive gifts after every 12 months of consecutive orders of 100 PV or more. How will I receive my gift? The gift will automatically be added to your next Essential Rewards order of 100PV or more. Here is a photo below of my 12 month Exclusive Loyalty Blend Essential oil J. It is divine!

How soon can I redeem points that I earn? You will start earning points the minute your order is shipped. You may redeem your points after you have participated in the ER program for two consecutive months.

How do I redeem my reward points? The easiest way is online through your Young Living account/Virtual Office. You can also email or phone 1300 28 9536 (1300 AU YLEO).

What if I decide I don't want to keep ordering every month?You simply call the Head Office and tell them you would like to stop being a part of the Essential Rewards program. It's as simple as that. No penalties.

What if I decide to start ordering every month again and join Essential Rewards? That's great, you can join again at any time by clicking 'join' in your online account or by calling Member Services.

If I cancelled my Essential Rewards order, do I lose my points? If you cancel your Essential Rewards order, you forfeit all of your unused Essential Rewards points. Your monthly participation in the program, if resumed, starts over at the 10% tier.

How do I sign up for the Essential Rewards loyalty program?The easiest way is Online through your Virtual Office. If you are wanting to join Essential Rewards in your very first Young Living Order when you become a member, simply select the option to join Essential Rewards.

Promotions: Every month Young Living brings out different Promotions. I've included the details of the November 2018 Promotion below. I received all of the products listed for FREE this month, as I bought my Christmas gifts through my account, which automatically qualified me to receive these amazing products in my shopping cart as the PV for my order was over 400PV! Plus, I also earned points from my order, so I can claim more free products! – I'm one happy shopper JAs you can see below I received $401.55AUD worth of products totally FREE. If someone puts in an order and the PV value of the products is 190PV then they will automatically receive the Lavender Hand Body Lotion plus the mineral eyeshadow worth a total of $57.55AUD.

The 1st of every month is when the Monthly Promotions are available to view and so it has easily become my favourite day of the month! LOL J

Final thoughts: This is how I see it, if I'm going to spend my money on Natural, Chemical free quality products I might as well get the best deal! –That's the ER program J

If you don't already have a Young Living Wholesale Membership and would like to get one so you can access the entire Natural, Chemical Free range click here to see your different options.

Don't forget that I have plenty of exclusive tips, health info, Product info, DIY recipes and health recipes available to people who use my Young Living Member number as the enroller and sponsor TheCocoHut: 11304113 When you use my number you will also get access to my private FB group which is invite only.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Phone: 0414 998 001

I look forward to helping you on your health journey!

To Great Health!


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