You are an AMAZING Human being and you CAN HEAL Yourself!

Posted on 13 June 2019

Do you have something you need to Heal?
Do you want to have a better quality of life?
Do you want to know the answer on how to do this? If yes, continue reading...

The First step is to watch the documentary 'Heal'. It's currently on Netflix. I only wish this documentary had of been around back in 2010 when I was trying to Heal from Crohn's Disease. BUT, it doesn't matter because it's been made for YOU to help you Heal NOW! I can most certainly vouch that the information in this documentary is true. Why? Because the information in this documentary is what I personally did to Heal from a Chronic Disease which is meant to have "no cure". People are funny about the word 'cure' so what about I use the word 'Heal'. I Healed from Crohn's Disease (this month actually marks a 7 year celebration for me of being healed) and you can heal from your disease too.

How? At the end of the day disease is the body being in dis-ease. Dis-ease is your body being out of balance and harmony. It is not 'in ease' and not in homeostasis. The good news is that YOU can HEAL YOURSELF and put your body back into homeostasis, back at 'ease'. You just need the right tools to know how. And guess what? If you have a brain and a can do attitude you can do it. So guess what? You can do it! The power of the mind and the willingness to DO something is all you need. I've spoken about this before in some posts on my Facebook page, but perhaps you may not have really understood what I was trying to say. People need proof (that's me and thousands of other people around the world who have Healed themselves of different diseases and illnesses – including cancer) and people need explanations. So here is my explanation on where I think from my personal experience and my research of where disease/illness comes from.

Dis-ease can manifest into the physical body from one, many or all of the following:

  • Stress(from work, life, family, responsibilities etc. etc. We all have stress in our lives. BUT too much stress can cause the body to be out of whack! And can manifest disease into the physical body).
  • Buried emotions and anger (suppressed emotions and holding negative energy in can manifest disease/illness into the physical body).
  • Build-up of toxins in the body (most people live in a toxic environment using a bunch of products on the body and around the home full of nasty synthetic chemicals. Build-up of toxins can accumulate in the body and affect different systems of the body leading to problems with the thyroid or respiratory problems or other disease/illness. An overload of toxins can also stop the body from being able to self-heal).
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle (not eating healthy/eating too many acidic foods and processed meats/eating too many inflammatory foods/gut bacteria and microbiome destroyed from antibiotics and other pharmaceutic drugs, not getting out in nature and getting sun – Nature is medicine!)
  • Issues carrying over from Past Lives (whether you believe in reincarnation or not this is easily solved by having a Quantum Healing Session with myself or another QHHT practitioner. In a Quantum Healing session you will be shown the most appropriate past life/lives which help you with your current life now. A lot of the time people's issues carry over and once they are recognised and you have your questions answered in your session by your higher self then healing can take place in your session if it's appropriate).
  • Biology/genetics (people think they are stuck with 'bad genes' because this is what has been told to them their whole life. What if you could read a single book which can help you understand how this is completely incorrect and show you how you can in fact change your cells. Would you read it? It's called, 'Biology of Belief' by Bruce Lipton). This book helped transform my quality of life.
It's really that simple.

Once you identify what's going on, actively do something about it and truly believe you can heal yourself then you can and you will.

Another amazing Documentary I watched recently which I HIGHLY recommend to you is

"Eastern Medicine Journey through Asia", by The Truth about Cancer Ty and Charlene Bollinger. There are numerous examples of natural ways to Heal the body from all over Asia (with many examples of people who have done just that – HEAL).

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. YOU CAN HEAL!

Going back to the Heal documentary for just a second...I absolutely LOVED this:
"Don't believe the prognosis"- Deepak Chopra (Heal Documentary).

Here is an example: I was told I had an incurable disease (Crohn's Disease) which I would have to take medication for everyday for the rest of my life. I was meant to live with pain and discomfort and with an illness every day for the rest of my life until I die. This was my prognosis and I refused to believe that I couldn't reverse inflammation in the body and ulcers and I refused to believe that my immune system would continue to "attack itself" since Crohn's Disease is described as an autoimmune disease. I figured that if I didn't always have inflammation in my body and ulcers in my intestines and I certainly didn't have my immune system attacking itself for the first 25 years of my life why should I believe that for the rest of my life my body will be this way?? Does this make sense to you? If only I could figure out a way to reverse this and understand how I got to be this way (what was the root of the cause) and how to get my body back into balance and harmony. So you know what?... I did figure it out.

So have you decided if you want to heal?

Some people love the attention of being sick or have had an identity for so long as being the person with XYZ disease and they don't know who they are besides being 'the sick person'.


If yes, keep reading and let's take a closer look and reflect on the dot points I listed above:

What is causing stress on your body? Is it physical or emotional or both?

Are you ready to sit down and reflect and dig deep inside and figure out what is causing stress/emotional issues/anger? What is making you stressed? Is it family/work/friends/your environment etc.

What are you going to do once you have figured out the cause? Life is made by your free will of choice. Only you decide how you want to live your life.

Are you willing to make changes and forgive people involved with your stress/emotional issues/anger?

Also, what tools will you use to help de-stress? E.g. find a hobby, exercise, meditate, have some zen time and communicate with the people involved who are causing you stress.

When did your illness start? What was happening at that time in your life?

Are you in a toxic relationship? (Whether it be with a partner or spouse relationship/family member/toxic work colleagues etc.).

Are you ready to deal with this and do something about?

Are you willing to change your lifestyle to change the quality of life you have right now?

Are you willing to prioritise cooking your meals and swapping to buying natural products so you allow your body to heal? Otherwise, the toxic overload will not allow your body to fully heal if you keep filling it with toxins.

Dr Natasha Campbell Mc-Bride (one of my hero's) who is the author of 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' says the Gut is so important it's like your second brain. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty damn important to me!

Once I started learning about how many illnesses are associated with gut flora out of balance and a leaky gut it's just too important to ignore! If your body was a car, what would happen if you filled it with sand instead of petrol? Would it work? Ummmm...I'm pretty sure it would do some pretty nasty damage.

So what about your body? What do you need to make it run? Food, right? BUT food can be healing or it can be damaging. I'm sure you've probably heard of the famous quote
"Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" – Hippocrates.

If you have a leaky gut/reflux/autoimmune disease-whatever it is that you have you can't just think of food like petrol. You need to educate yourself on what type of food and in what stages to eat it for your body to work properly.

For me it was following the GAPS diet to sort out my gut flora and healing the gut and get everything working properly again. You can find everything about the GAPS Diet in the book, 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome', by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride. Dr Natasha's book also includes information about toxins and going natural so the body can heal.

Do you want to explore your past lives and see if your issue is carrying over? Would you like to ask your higher self why your life is the way it is? Are you open minded for this? Do you believe you are just a body? Or do you believe you are a soul who is experiencing being in a body? You are energy my friend. And once you realise this your whole world will change!

Here's my last book recommendation, 'Soul Speak' By Julia Cannon. It's a wonderful book I refer to with my clients in their Quantum Healing sessions. It describes in detail what part of the body has the issue (disease/illness/aches etc.) and what your higher self is really trying to tell you. Basically things manifest in your body and the thing that is wrong with you is correlated to an exact message which your higher self is trying to tell you what is going on so you can fix it and be on the path that you set for yourself in this lifetime.

Final Message: Make new choices, don't limit your thinking, don't limit your ability in yourself, don't doubt how amazing you are and what you can do for you, don't give up on yourself. Don't look for someone else to fix you, don't hang around negative people, don't focus on your life sucking.

If you want to live a better quality of life then DO make it happen. Think positive, BE positive, manifest the life you want, VISUALISE yourself living the life you want, VISUALISE yourself HEALING and being HEALED, surround yourself with POSITIVE people and most importantly PRIORITISE your health.

You know yourself best. Don't let anyone tell you that you CAN'T. Because... YOU CAN!

Wishing YOU the best with your HEALTH and HAPPINESS always!

To Great Health my friend!
Elizabeth Lee
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT Practitioner
Owner at TheCocoHut
Crohn's Disease Survivor! (Healed for 7 years, 2019)

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