Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Every essential oil Young Living distills or sources has the highest naturally-occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect. This is the Young Living Therapeutic-Grade promise.

For example: Let's have a look at Young Living's Clove Essential Oil. It is distilled from the flower of the plant—unlike imitation clove oil that is distilled from the stem or leaf. The clove stem and leaf have the same aroma as the oil distilled from the flower and they are certainly less expensive to distill, but you will not find the highest amount of the naturally-occurring eugenol in essential oils that are distilled from these parts of the plant. Eugenol is the compound that gives clove oil the important antiseptic and anesthetic properties. To purchase a lesser quality clove oil would be denying these important therapeutic benefits. This example demonstrates why Young Living's essential oils are therapeutic-grade and are the best quality.

Grades of Essential Oils

Four grades of essential oils are produced today:

1. Therapeutic-grade essential oils (pure, medicinal, steam-distilled essential oils containing all desired therapeutic compounds)

2. Natural oils and certified oils (pass oil-standard tests but may not contain any or just a few therapeutic compounds. These may contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical extenders or carrier oils)

3. Extended or altered oils (fragrance grade. Often contains adulterating chemicals and solvents to gain higher yeild. Solvents can be cancerous and are in many store bought oils. They may also be diluted 80-95% alcohol)

4. Synthetic or nature-identical oils (created in a laboratory)

Synthetic or nature-identical oils are commonplace in the market and can be created cheaply and then sold in places like health food and drug stores or novelty and tourist shops for a very low price. They have no therapeutic efficacy and may even be harmful. For instance, fragrance-grade lavender may have a harmful effect instead of a healing effect on newly burned skin. This is why we ONLY use Young Living Essential Oils on our family, as they are therapeutic-grade and guarantee a Seed to Seal process. If you want to avoid nasty Chemicals too and only want the purest of essential oils for you and your family then Young Living Essential Oils are for you!

Young Living Seed to Seal Process

1. Seed

Selecting seeds that will produce plants with optimal levels of desirable compounds is the vital first step in our Seed to Seal process.

2. Cultivate

Our sustainable agriculture expertise ensures that rigorous standards are met, both on Young Living owned farms and our carefully monitored partner farms.

3. Distill

We combine ancient and modern techniques to maintain the ideal profile of beneficial plant compounds in each batch of essential oil.

4. Test

To guarantee consistent quality and purity, our essential oils are tested in our own internal labs, as well as in third-party facilities. Young Living essential oils come from dozens of sources, all meeting our stringent Seed to Seal qualifications.

5. Seal

We complete our Seed to Seal process by carefully sealing and inspecting each bottle of essential oil in our state-of-the-art facilities before shipping to members worldwide.

For more detailed information on our Seed to Seal process and global farms visit
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