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If you are looking for the BEST Value then we recommend purchasing any of the Starter Bundles. There are many different starter bundles available. Check them out below.
When you purchase any Starter Bundle you automatically received a wholesale membership which means you SAVE 24% off the Retail prices on all Essential oils, plus the entire
Natural Young Living Product range!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We are Health and Wellness advocates for Young Living. When purchasing Please ensure the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is 11304113. When you use our Number it ensures you will receive the 24% discount and have access to us in helping you with these amazing products, as well as joining our Closed and Private FB Group 'TheCocoHut Young Living Family' where you will have access to our exclusive private videos, healthy recipes, DIY recipes, educational information and you will have access to us and have the opportunity to ask any questions you like in regards to Young Living products and health. Thank you and please contact us if you have any questions.

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What benefits do I get if I purchase a starter bundle?

  • When you purchase a Starter Bundle you automatically receive access to the Wholesale Pricing which gives you 24% off the Retail prices of the entire Essential oil Collection, as well as the entire Natural Young Living range of products. All Young Living Products are Natural, Safe, Promote Health and Well-being and most importantly are Non-toxic!
  • We decided to switch over and use these products as they most importanly support a healthy lifestyle, but it's also become a lot more cost effective for us to purchase our supplements, personal and beauty care, make-up, kids and baby care, oral care, health drinks and snacks, essential oils, massage oils, hair care all with Young Living as they have a great points rewards system and I've never known a company to give you so much free stuff! These products provide our family with a sense of freedom, peace of mind and a feeling of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. They support our bodies, calm our busy environment, uplift our spirit and promote healthy sleep and they will do this for you and your family too!
  • Wholesale Members have the Opportunity to automatically receive FREE Young Living Essential Oils and Products in monthly promotions. We often receive freebies when we purchase a certain amount of goodies in one order (a nice bonus to give yourself or gift to someone else).
  • Have access to join the Essential Rewards Loyalty Program (We love earning points on our order so we can claim free product - who doesn't love FREE stuff!)
  • What do I have to do to keep my Wholesale Membership active? Simply place at least 1 order of 50PV per year. Every product has a PV value and you will see this next to every product in your Price List Booklet which you will receive when you become a member. 50PV works out to be approx $75 worth of product per year, which isn't very much to spend once a year. If you happen to let your membership expire you can easily place an order to make it active again.
  • Do I have to place an order every month? No you don't need to place an order every month. The only time you need to place an order every month is if you choose to become a part of the ER (Essential Rewards Loyalty Program) as stated above, where your points add up each order so you can claim your free products by using your loyalty points.
  • How many points does it take to claim free product? The Young Living Essential Reward Loyalty Program is VERY generous. We have saved a lot of money as a family by using this system ourselves. We know you will save a lot too! Try it out for a few months and see how you like it. If you choose it's not for you then you can simply cancel out of the Loyalty Program. It's very easy to do with a simple call.
  • Joining as a Wholesale Member with Young Living is like the equivilant to getting a Costco Membership, but with Young Living the products are all focused on Healthy Living and you also receive products with your wholesale membership.....YAY!
  • Have other questions? Please email me or give me a call and I will be happy to help!
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