Healthy Living

What is Healthy Living? For our family it means:

Having a Healthy Diet
Taking care of our Physical Health
Taking care of our Emotional Health
Having a Healthy home environment
Spending time outdoors in mother nature
Avoiding as many toxic chemicals and products as we can

I learned through my health journey that if I wanted to achieve optimal Health and Wellness I needed to focus on ALL of the above points and not only the first 2 as most people do (eating healthy and exercising).

The information below may come as quite a shock if Healthy Living is new to you, but I hope you read on until the end....

Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world full of nasty chemicals which are detrimental to our bodies and can cause serious illness. Most packaged foods and mainstream products at our local supermarkets which we buy, place in our homes, consume and place on our bodies are full of these nasty toxic chemicals which make a significant impact on our bodies organs and systems and our overall well-being, including our emotional and physical health. I know this is a huge statement and you may be thinking "What is she talking about?"......Please read on.......!!

When learning how to heal from Crohn's Disease not only did I change my eating habits and diet I also learned how important it was to change my entire lifestyle and reduce my general toxic load. This was a major part of my success in healing. One step at a time I learned how to cook and prepare all of my homemade meals and how to ditch and switch (ditch toxic products and switch to natural non toxic, chemical free products).

So what is general toxic load anyway? According to Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride in her book, 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' it is anything toxic we eat, breathe, touch, or put on our skin. Dr Natasha explains the importance of keeping the house as chemical free as possible. She also explains that very important contributors to the general toxic overload in the body are cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes and other personal care products and domestic cleaning chemicals to name a few. The personal care products industry is generally not regulated.

More than a thousand carcinogenic and toxic chemicals are widely used in the formulation of shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics, perfumes, creams etc. Washing powders and liquids stay in the fabric of our clothes, bedding and towels and also contribute to the toxic overload. The chemicals in the mainstream laundry washing powders, body lotions and gels, perfumes and colognes could very well be a major contributing factor to people with skin irritations.

When I first learned about this I was in absolute SHOCK as I couldn't understand how these products are allowed on the supermarket shelves when they can be the cause or contributing factor to people's ill health!

On top of this most spray air fresheners, reed diffusers, scented candles and plug in air fresheners are filling people's home's with loads of toxic chemicals, which are constantly being inhaled and causing harm to the respiratory system AND are known endocrine disrupters. What does endocrine disrupters mean? It means chemicals that may interfere with the bodies endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects.

Dr Campbell-McBride also states that "the wide use of personal care products is a major contributor to our cancer epidemic. Children, women and men are unknowingly exposing themselves to huge amounts of carcinogenic substances, which they apply to their skin. A good example is breast cancer. Cells removed from a cancerous breast in many cases are full of aluminium - a toxic metal. Where does the aluminium come from? Most probably from deodorants which are absorbed through the skin".
Here is a list quoted directly from Dr Natasha's book which she says are the most common toxic substances to avoid:
  • Talc or talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer. Do not use it, particularly on babies
  • Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate (SLS) - a highly toxic detergent that is present in most shampoos, soaps and toothpaste.
  • Fluoride - a terrible poison for every system in the body. Widespread in toothpaste and other dental care products, it is also added to some water supplies and given to babies as drops. If you are not familiar with its toxicity I would strongly advise you to learn more about it and avoid it like the plague.
  • Titanium dioxide - carcinogenic.
  • Triethanolamine (TEA) and Diethanolamine (DEA) form carcinogenic nitrosamines.
  • Lanolin, itself is a non-toxic natural substance, is often contaminated with DDT and other carcinogenic pesticides.
  • Dioxanes are inhaled and absorbed through the skin - highly carcinogenic.
  • Saccharin - carginogenic.
  • Formaldehyde - a toxic and carcinogenic substance.
  • Propylene glycol - carcinogenic.
  • Lead, aluminium and other toxic metals are present in many personal care products, particularly in deodorants and make-up.
When I first learned all of this it was quite overwhelming as prior to learning all of this 'toxic chemical stuff' I saw deodorant as deodorant, toothpaste as toothpaste, shampoo as shampoo, make-up as make-up, house cleaning products as cleaners etc etc.....I just didn't know any better!
I no longer have to worry about reading labels and sourcing different products from all over the place because I can get almost all of my Health and Wellness products that I want from the one place, and the best part is I don't have to leave my house!

The Natural, Non-toxic, chemical free Health and Wellness products my family and I use now are by the brand Young Living. We love them so much we became Independent Distributors.

I can have peace of mind that what we are using on our bodies and around our home are contributing to Peaceful, harmonious, uplifting, positive, vibrant Health and Wellness to our Body, Mind and Souls. Not only are these products safe for Babies and Kids, but they are also safe for pets :)

Young Living have a huge range of Natural Health and Wellness products which support our emotional and physical health as well as our dietary health. If you are looking for an easy way to replace your current products with Natural and safe alternatives with the best value then I can recommend the Healthy Home Premium Starter Kit below:

We use all of these products personally and we have never been happier with the quality and value for money. When you purchase this Healthy Home Premium Starter Kit it will automatically give you a wholesale membership to all of Young Living's Natural and safe product range. This means you will Save 24% off the Retail Prices off their entire Natural Health and Wellness range. Since we have a wholesale membership too you will have the same access to what we do.

We buy all of our Personal care, Oral Care, Make up, Babies and Kids care, Cleaning, Supplements, Essential Oils, Massage Oils, Diffusers, NingXia Red drinks and have saved a lot of money by switching to this brand as you can earn points to claim free product and automatically receive free product if an order reaches a certain value (this is a really nice BONUS!). A lot of their products can be diluted and we make a lot of DIY things for around the home. They also have a natural Animal Shampoo and Dental Chews for your pets too!

You can purchase the Young Living Healthy Home Premium Starter Kit here.

When we first started using the Young Living products the Healthy Home Premium Starter Kit didn't exist and so we purchased a Premium Starter Kit with DewDrop Diffuser (This automatically included our wholesale membership). Here is a pic of me with it here:

  • Using a Diffuser and Essential oils have improved our emotional and physical health dramatically! When I inhale the therapeutic grade essential oils they almost immediately uplift my spirit and help decrease my stress levels. Plus as an added benefit they travel through the body to help support our physical health too.
  • Here's how it works: When the oils are inhaled odor molecules travel through the nose and affect the brain through a variety of receptor sites, one of which is the Limbic System, which is commonly referred to as the "emotional brain." The Limbic System is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, and hormone balance. Molecules inhaled through the nose or mouth are also carried to the lungs and interact with the respiratory system. It seems so simple, and it is! - AND very effective in supporting our overall health and wellness. So when we get stressed instead of emotional eating or drinking alcohol we open a bottle of essential oil, take a deep breath in and turn on the diffuser. It honestly works wonders!
  • Here is a photo of me inhaling Young Living's Peace and Calming Essential oil straight from the bottle! It definitely brings me a sense of peace and calm when I inhale this. This bottle is one of my favourite essential oils to help with my emotional health.
  • We ended up loving the Diffusers so much we now have 1 in the lounge room (Lantern Diffuser) it's super nice to just chill in front of the TV and unwind with it running next to us. We put a few drops of the Essential Oil, 'Stress Away' in and the stress literally melts away!). We have 1 in our bedroom (Desert Mist Diffuser) for some zen time and 1 in our son's bedroom (Bamboo Diffuser). We've noticed the difference it makes in promoting a restful nights sleep for us when we use it. We use the DewDrop diffuser in our office to keep stress levels down and the essential oils help us maintain mental clarity.
  • When we switched over to using the supplements (such as Inner Defence, Omegagize, BLM) we noticed that they are also infused with essential oils. Our physical health has benefited greatly as our immune systems are stronger than ever. Dominic is a runner and has noticed the difference the BLM (Bones, Ligaments and Muscles) makes to his joints. Here's a pic of him below holding a bottle of BLM capsules.
  • When I became a mum it finally dawned on me how much energy is needed to take care of another human being! I do not drink coffee and taking a shot of NingXia Red in the morning has helped give me the natural energy I need to get through the day without feeling like a zombie or being too overwhelmed with how much needs to get done. My only wish is that I had found this sooner (especially when I was pregnant). Dominic takes this every morning too. Here is a pic of us in our kitchen with a shot of NingXia Red.
  • After my NingXia Red shot I'm able to face the day of cleaning LOL. I use the Thieves Household cleaner on absolutely every surface of our house e.g. mirrors, windows, kitchen benchtops, floors, appliances, bathroom sink, bathtub, shower, toilet, highchair, wood surfaces, laminate, caesarstone, marble (I'd recommend to spot check your's first, but I even spray it on our TV, ipads and phones-please be careful doing this though, I only use a tiny amount). I also use it on fans, light switches, door handles, kids toys, and walls. It's the cheapest and most effective natural cleaner I've ever used - PLUS it smells amazing from the essential oils which are already included.
  • After a long day renovating our home, fixing up our gardens or doing physical exercise we get sore muscles and aches and pains so the Cool Azul Sports Gel, the Deep Relief Roll on and the Massage oils (Relaxation, Ortho Ease and Ortho Sport) have all been a life saver! Even to this day I can't believe how quickly they work!
  • I've lost count on how many natural face cleanser, scrubs and moisturisers I've tried over the years. The quality of Young Living's beauty products are a stand out and the results are evident in my skin. My skin tone has evened out, I don't break out as much and the wrinkles around my eyes have vanished by using the wolfberry eye cream (super excited to have my younger looking eyes back!).
  • I've also lost count on how many different types of natural shampoos, conditioners and lotions I've tried. My hair type is thin and so I always try to get something which helps me too add volume. I've been really happy using the Lavender Volumising Shampoo and Lavender Volume Conditioner as it actually has given me the volume I want. After my hair dries, if I want to control any frizzy bits I apply the Mirah Lustrous Hair oil.
  • Using the therapeutic-grade essential oils as 100% pure perfumes and colognes has been one of the easiest things we've done to switch over to avoid the synthetic fragrances and toxic ingredients in mainstream perfumes and colognes. We also like to make our own custom blends.
  • Our toddler absolutely loves bath time as I have put the Kidscents Shampoo and Bath Gel in foaming soap pumps which makes bath time fun and accessible for him to use. But what he loves even more is the Kidscents Toothpaste (I think because it tastes so yummy due to the tangerine essential oil in it).
  • My sister in law has a baby girl and raves about how much she loves using the Seedlings baby range on her daughter.
  • The very last thing I finally swapped over when I was going through my healing journey was finding Natural Non-Toxic make up which I actually liked as Makeup to me is just a very confusing thing as I've never worn much make up. However, the Savvy Minerals range is perfect for me as it's easy to apply and use and you can't really go wrong. It looks and feels natural and the most important thing is that it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients to my skin and health. My foundation colour is Warm 3 in the summer time when I'm a bit darker and Warm 2 in the winter time when my skin tone is a little lighter.
  • The Thieves Cleansing Bar Soap has been a lifesaver now that I have a small toddler. Stains on clothes are almost an everyday occurence and I'm so happy with this bar soap as I don't want to use harsh toxic chemicals which absorb into my child's delicate skin. Here is an example of my son's shorts which has a blueberry stain. Click here to go to my blog post for more examples.
  • The best part about loving and using these products is not only are they natural but they are all infused with essential oils which is an extra benefit in supporting our overall health and wellness. I only wish I had of found this brand when I actually had Crohn's Disease! It would have helped me tremendously.
  • I am recommending the Young Living products because I honestly love them so much as they work, they are affordable and they support our families overall health and wellness. Since switching to the Young Living brand we have saved A LOT of money since we are on the Essential Rewards program and we usually receive free promotions every month. I'd love to help you Save too!
If you would like to Save and get your own Young Living Wholesale Membership too you can easily join online at anytime. When you are purchasing your products there will be a question asking you 'Who introduced you to Young Living". Please type in 11304113 as the Enroller and Sponsor as this is TheCocoHut's Member number. This means you will have access to our Private Facebook group called 'TheCocoHutYoungLivingFamily' where you can see my private videos, healthy recipes, DIY recipes, educational information and you will have access to me and have the opportunity to ask any questions you like in regards to Young Living products and health. If you would also like to become an Independent Young Living Distributor I can support you and help you to build a business too.

There are a few different options on how to get a wholesale membership.
It's a little different to other wholesale memberships with other companies where you buy a membership and don't get anything with the membership except for access to buy products. Young Living is different whereby you purchase a wholesale membership and receive products with it. It's WAY better value.

To purchase a Wholesale Membership simply choose 1 of the many different 'Starter Kits'.

The Basic Starter Kit is the cheapest option and is great for those who want to start slowly and buy a few things to try.

The Healthy Home Premium Starter Kit is great value for those who want to start switching over a lot of natural products at once and ditch their toxic ones (This is the one mentioned above).

The Premium Starter Kits with the DewDrop Diffuser or the NEW Desert Mist Diffuser are great value for those who would like a Diffuser and Essential Oils to incorporate into their homes to replace toxic air fresheners, toilet sprays, perfumes, great way to get a good nights sleep, and promotes a calm, zen household.

The NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit is great value for those who want to incorporate a healthy shot of antioxidants and immune supporting wellness into their bodies first thing in the morning to start the day.

The Savvy Mineral Make-up Premium Starter Kit is great value for those who want to ditch their toxic make-up for some natural goodness into their skin to promote natural healthy beauty. There is a Cool 2 and Warm 2 Kit. These are the two most popular foundation colours. Cool 2 being for those with a fairer skin tone and Warm 2 for those with a slight tan (Refer to my Foundation Photo above).

If you are unsure which option would be best for you and need some help please feel free to email me (Elizabeth) at: or Phone: 0414 998 001 (Please note: I have a young toddler. If I miss your call please leave me a message with your name and number so I can call you back)

Here's a Great video which shows you the Seed to Seal quality and just how Safe and ethical the Young Living products are for you and your family:


Here are some Testimonials from people who have purchased Young Living Essential Oils Natural Products with my recommendation:

Thank you for introducing me to Young Living. I am a life time convert and believer now. The oregano oil is absolutely amazing! I have had a nasty virus or bacteria which makes me cough up green phlegm for 3 months now. After 2 rounds of antibiotics, I was still coughing up green phlegm! So after taking the oregano oil today is my 3rd day and my green phlegm is gone meaning it was effective in killing the virus/bacteria that clung to me. So in a round about way I am thankful to have had this experience in order to really learn about the magic and effectiveness of essential oils. I have also now bought the inner defence tablets and thieves household cleaner you recommended to me.
-Alison C, NSW Australia

I've been using Young & Living almost one and a half years and I highly recommend that you be patient and give it time to show results, best not to use other products and be confident in what and why you are using certain products of young and living. The product I am talking about is a blend of coconut oil Frankincense and myrrh that has faded and almost eliminated my facial pigmentation, if you find that coconut oil is drying your skin try V6 oil in its place. I have surprised a lot my friends with the improvement in reducing the pigmentation, wrinkles and overall condition of my skin.
-Lisa. C, NSW Australia

I had pigmentations for more than 3 years, tried several products in the market but didn't help until one fine day my sister told me about Young and Living organic products. My sister was always a guinea pig in whatever products, anyway she tried it because she has pigmentations too. Then after few months using the product her face was fantastic, then we started asking her what products did she used, therefore she recommended it to us. It was Fantastic very happy with it, my pigmentations has lighten so much. I highly recommend to everyone not only with pigmentations problem but with blemishes and also brightens your face from dehydration. Most of Young and Livings products are fantastic, no regrets.
-Annie. C, NSW Australia

I've had sinus issues for many years. Tried most things.
Elizabeth suggested I try RC essential oil, along with peppermint oil ..
I did this, everyday I inhaled them and applied to my skin as well..
I know they helped me .
I recently had a remedial massage. My therapist normally will do a sinus drain for me when I need it. I asked him to check out my sinuses. He said they were fine.
I told him about the oils, he agreed that they do work well.
-Dawn. H, NSW, Australia

Since taking the BLM tablets I have a lot more movement and no pain in my knees. Also improved the flexibility in my back muscles.
-Colin.C NSW Australia

I have been using the RC essential oil every night in the diffuser for my son who is asthmatic. It has been a god send to clear his airways and has definitely decreased the symptoms of his asthma. Not only that, it smells great and makes the room feel so fresh! Plus it's all natural! Winning!
-Alison.C, NSW Australia

Every winter I get chest pains and normally end up in hospital on Intravenous antibiotics. Pauline, Elizabeth's mum told me to rub coconut oil and young living RC essential oil on my chest. For the last 2 years, since I have been doing this I have not been to hospital. I also carry the bottle with me now and sniff the RC when I leave the house so I have something with me when I need it.
-Mary.S, VIC, Australia

My son has had asthma for quite a long time, he uses Ventolin puffer all the time. Since using the diffuser with RC it has been good and he uses the Ventolin less. I also get headaches all the time, but since using young living peppermint on my temple it has relieved the pain.
-Peng Fuan.L, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was introduced to Young and Living by Liz, I got the sports massage oil as it soothes and relaxes my muscles. When I go to my masseuse I bring it along as I like the nice fresh aroma, is lovely. Thanks Liz for introducing.
-Susan. H, NSW, Australia

I love Roman Chamomile, I find it so soothing to out of control toddlers and love to use it for stuffy noses in the diffuser or as a chest rub. For myself I use oregano anytime I have a sore throat and it never eventuates to more than this! Thanks Elizabeth for all your help and advice. PS. The raw vegan peppermint slice is a total winner!
-Sarah.S, NSW Australia

Had osteoarthritis on both knees for years, also had partial knee replacement done on my right knee but still in pain until I was recommended by my sister to try BLM and sulfurzyme from Young N Living and now my knees are much better. Still taking it twice a day, very good.
-Annie.C, NSW Australia

I've been using thieves oil for over 1 year now. I put a couple of drops in my mouth when I start to get a cold.. works wonders!! I haven't taken a cold and flu tablet since!!! Thanks Liz for introducing me to it.
-Laura.S, NSW Australia

I was introduced to the Young Living oils and natural products 2 years ago by Elizabeth and Dominic. I have been using several of their products from their tooth paste to their cleaning products and their initial products, the essential oils. Two of my favourite oil products include the Purification and Copaiba oils. The Purification oil is great for diffusing when you want areas of your house to have a refreshing scent or alternatively you wish to get rid of pungent odours. You can also add a couple of drops of the oil onto cotton balls and leave it in your workout/gym bags to make them smell more inviting. Being quite an active person and avid runner, I also love making a tea by mixing the Copaiba oil which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties with a teaspoon of honey. I love the taste too, very earthy.
-Kevin.L, NSW, Australia

I'm loving the young living savvy mineral make up range. Especially love the mineral foundation (I've been mixing 2 colours 100 and 101). Also loving the eyeshadows. Thanks Elizabeth for recommending them to me.
-Angela. L, NSW Australia

I have been in the essential rewards program for the past 16 months. All the products that I have tried have been very good quality and definitely good value for money and not only that earning the rewards points is a great bonus to claim free products. This has been great for our large family with five children as it has given me the opportunity to try more products without paying for them and to switch to healthy and chemical free products for my family. I personally have loved everything that I have tried for myself like the bath and shower gel, face washes, face cream and the savvy minerals makeup which I absolutely love. The kidscents and seedlings baby range is what I have been using on all my children and itís really good knowing that Iím using products on their delicate skin that is not harming them. One great thing that I love about the products is that they can be diluted down. The thieves cleaner and hand wash both get a lot of use in our large family so the fact of it being able to be diluted is great value for money compared to the supermarket cleaner and hand wash but the best bonus itís safe and chemical free. I would highly recommend the essential rewards program for anyone that wants to switch to safe and chemical free products. Thanks Liz for helping me every step of the way.
-Catherine. C, NSW Australia