NingXia Red

It's a funny name, but NingXia is actually the name of the province in China where the primary ingredient (wolfberries) are grown. The NingXia wolfberry is the predominant food of the people in this region who live to be centenarians (over 100 years old).

They contribute their LONGEVITY and HEALTH to this particular wolfberry which is packed full of dense nutrition and contains 4 X the nutrients of the wolfberries in neighbouring provinces (due to the volcanic ash and glacial runoff of that area) and scores a massive 3290 on the ORAC scale!

  • If you aren't familiar with the ORAC scale, the score measures the antioxidant capacity of a food. The higher the number, the better/more effective it is.
  • NingXia red is a very high antioxidant puree, which means that it helps support our body's natural defence against aging. Dr. Richard Cutler of the National Institutes of Health said, "The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you live!"
  • Antioxidants also give the lining of the gut TLC and protect the cells by keeping normal inflammation at bay. They also promote the growth of good bacteria.
  • There are actually 17 species of wolfberries, but ONLY the NingXia wolfberry has a complete phyto-nutrient profile. They are higher in vitamin C than oranges, higher in beta-carotene than carrots and higher in calcium than cauliflower. Calcium is responsible for functions in the body like regulating normal blood pressure.
  • NingXia red is high in vitamin E which plays an important role in the health and the maintenance of a healthy reproductive system in women and men.
  • It's also high in protein.
  • NingXia Red has amino acids which are healthy for hormonal production and function
  • It has 21 trace minerals which are important for every system of the body to properly function.
  • NingXia red has 6 essential fatty acids which are important because our bodies don't produce essential fatty acids naturally; they must come from your diet. Essential fatty acids promote proper hormone production, thyroid function, and adrenal activity.
  • NingXia red is loaded with naturally occurring B vitamins like B1, B2, & B6. This is dense nutrition. Let's face it, most people aren't getting what they need from the food they eat.
  • It contains high quality juices and purees including blueberry, pomegranate, plum, cherry and aronia, but amazingly, even with these juices added, NingXia Red still supports healthy blood sugar levels because it is a puree and contains the fruit fiber.
  • NingXia Red offers cardiovascular support and protects normal liver and brain functions.
  • There is no other product like NingXia Red on the market. NingXia is perfect for the person looking for whole body wellness, nutrition or just looking to maintain energy.
  • Another thing that sets NingXia Red apart is that it is the only nutritive supplement available that is infused with essential oils. This aids the body's ability to absorb and assimilate all of those nutrients offering whole body support including emotional-wellbeing.
  • The dense nutrition in this liquid supplement supports every system of the body, even for those of us who are already healthy. NingXia red helps us to maintain health, stamina, and cognitive wellness.

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